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This page is home to the digital press (aka 'mini') digital prints, greeting cards,  postcards and other products! Please note there is a minimum $45.00 for online orders

 Looking for another option? The higher quality and price point, larger limited edition archival prints  are available on the limited edition prints page


Set of 6 Postcards 107mm x 139mm on Glossy Card Stock 

Set includes One of each: 'Moulds Bay','Klaskish', 'Northern Star', ' Taylor Beach', 'Mystic Beach', and 'Miracle Beach'

Open Edition Mini Prints

These little press prints range from 8" x 18" up to 13" x 16" . They are non-archival, open edition prints that are a smaller and more cost efficient option to the larger Limited Edtion prints. Each one comes with a cardboard backing and clear plastic sleeve for protection. Please note only a select number of prints are available in this format. For the full selection of paintings in limited editions please go HERE .


These mini press prints are available at wholesale prices on high volume orders. Please contact via email :